organic residues to advanced nutrient

Our solutions recover nutrients that would otherwise be lost, protect the environment and conserve valuable resources. We offer sustainable high-performance fertiliser products for sustainable agriculture.

About us

abonocare® is an association of innovative SMEs who have come together to develop efficient and financially viable technology and value chains for creating products from organic waste.

We provide economically viable value chains for recovering nutrients from organic waste to meet the growing demand for resource conservation.

The core of abonocare® is its partners, which provide a wide range of conditioning, conversion, fractionation and mixing technologies. These partners are joined by companies and institutions which provide a wide range of analysis services and laboratory and test facilities for product and process development purposes.

Our aim is to develop technologies and services related to the production of high-quality specialised fertiliser products from organic waste like sewage sludge, slurry and digestate and become a global leader in the market for this technology. abonocare®’s motto is »organic residues to advanced nutrients«.

Our name also reflects our focus on recovering nutrients from organic waste: »abono« is the Spanish word for fertiliser - the main way that nutrients are used in modern agricultural systems to secure our food supply. Our generational responsibility is to make careful use of non-renewables and foster sustainable agricultural practices which don’t put too much fertiliser into the soil. The »CARE« part of our name represents our intention to make previously unused nutrients available for use. Our solutions protect the environment by eliminating some of society’s more questionable disposal practices. Sewage sludge, for example, frequently goes to landfill and preventing it from going to landfill is a fundamental environmental problem. By lowering the demand for new rock phosphate, our solutions also reduce the environmental issues caused by mining and transporting the raw material over long distances.