organic residues to advanced nutrients.

Our solutions recover nutrients that would otherwise be lost, protect the environment and conserve valuable resources. We offer sustainable high-performance fertiliser products for sustainable agriculture.

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Consulting for sustainable cycles

By recycling organic waste, we can conserve our natural resources. That’s why AbonoCARE is developing eco-friendly and cost-effective material flow management plans to cut costs and protect the environment as sources become increasingly scarce.

abonocare® provides economically viable value chains for recovering nutrients from organic waste. We bring together actors involved in industrial and municipal recycling and disposal with their agricultural counterparts to provide a unified platform for conditioning, conversion, fractionation and mixing technologies.

Our services include logistics, documentation and the proper disposal of organic waste.

Sewage sludge, for example, contains valuable nutrients which are too important to throw away. We build the systems we need, use the energy of the organic waste and return essential nutrients into the cycle.


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